Iliotibial Band Syndrome treatment

Iliotibial Band Syndrome Condition

Iliotibial band friction syndrome is an overuse injury caused by
repetitive friction of the IT band across the lateral epicondyle of the
femur. It is a well-recognized cause of knee pain in runners so it is
commonly called "runners knee". This condition is not unique to
runners. It is seen in cyclists, weight lifters, skiers, and soccer players.
The iliotibial band extends from the pelvis across the lateral aspect of
the knee. When this region becomes inflamed, the tenderness is
usually on the lateral aspect of the knee. With a pronated foot,
excessive tibial internal rotation increases and the IT band is dragged
across the lateral epicondyle of the femur to its insertion on the proximal
tibia. As the knee is repeatedly flexed as in running, the iliotibial band
can be aggravated by gliding across the lateral aspect of the femur. In
a supinated foot or people with genu varum (bow legs) the iliotibial
band is placed on a stretch. A custom molded biomechanical orthotic
can balance the foot mechanics reducing the irritation or stretch in the
iliotibial band.
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