Meet Aaron Anderson - Board Certified Pedorthist Owner, P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory

Aaron Anderson Board Certified Pedorthist
It is not required to be licensed in the state of Colorado to fabricate foot orthotic devices or custom arch supports. As a result, any person can open up an office and start fabricating these devices. Many self proclaimed experts, which have no formal training or schooling, are now filling prescriptions for foot orthotics. It is not uncommon to have shoe stores or athletic stores have a person on staff that makes custom supports in the back room.

Patients, referring physicians and consumers can rest assured that when working with P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory, they are working with a trained professional that is Board Certified in pedorthics. What is pedorthics? (ped-or-thiks): The design, manufacture, fit and / or modification of foot orthotics, shoes and related devices to alleviate foot pain caused by disease, overuse or injury.

Having served all of Colorado since 1991 makes Aaron one of the most experienced C. Ped in the state of Colorado. Aaron served two years as an apprentice under another Board Certified Pedorthist before becoming Board Certified himself in 1993. Aaron is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School Orthotic - Prosthetic Center with a course of study in Foot Orthotics - Prosthetics, Comprehensive Pedorthic Management of the Foot and
Clinical Concepts and Fabrication Techniques.

Because Aaron is Board Certified he is required to fulfill continuing educational requirements by attending classes, seminars and symposiums, sometimes several times a year. Because of this, you as a patient or referring physician can rest assured that you are working with a true professional that is educated on the most proven methods, uses the best materials and is up to date with the latest advances in the science of Pedorthics.

With his extensive experience in orthotic design, fabrication and modifications, Aaron is called upon for consultations by many medical practitioners. Aaron has designed over 20 models of foot orthotics that are unique to P.T.I. and is seeking patents on several of these because of their effectiveness in treating certain pathologies. He has developed many clinical solutions based on the latest concepts in biomechanics and superior manufacturing methods. Through P.T.I. Orthotic Lab, Aaron has sponsored educational events for the American Physical Therapy Association, and has offered educational courses at the Colorado Physical Therapy Institute. Many sports and physical therapy clinics seek Aaron's advice in biomechanical evaluations and casting methods.

Mr. Anderson knows the foot orthotic and shoe business; he is a trained second generation professional shoe fitter and an active member of the American Board For Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, The Board of Certifcation/Accredidation International works personally with physicians to fill prescriptions of foot orthotics for his patients.

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