Common Foot Pain Conditions

At PTI Orthotic Lab, we’re well versed in the rather long list of common foot pain conditions. Many of the individuals we help don’t realize how long that list is or how many things can go wrong with your feet. But if you look at this area of your body a little closer, it becomes evident that your feet are quite vulnerable. Just in your foot alone, there are 26 bones that form two crossing arches. These bones are held together by your ligaments, while muscles and a tissue known as planter fascia provide additional support. Your foot also has fat pads which bear your body’s weight and absorbs the impact caused by walking, running, jumping and other types of activities.

With so many bones and structures within your foot, it’s susceptible to pain caused by injury, disease and trauma. Bad posture and even your footwear can lead to issues and other common foot pain conditions. While aching feet after a long day at work might not be cause for alarm, ongoing pain and/or tenderness in a particular area of your foot may indicate an issue that requires medical attention and potentially an orthotic solution.

At PTI Orthotic Lab we treat a wide variety of common foot pain conditions every day. To learn more about these specific conditions, simply click on a link below.