What type of orthotic is best?

PTI Orthotics & Foot Resource Lab offers over 30 different types of orthotics

If you ask four different healthcare professionals, who dispense or fabricate foot orthotics, which type of foot orthotic is best for your circumstances, you will usually get four different answers – or they will defend their type to exhaustion!

At PTI Orthotics, we offer to our patients and clients over 30 different types of orthotics, which has made us specialists in a multitude of orthotic varieties. We’re not just proposing 30 different material combinations (which is endless), but actually over 30 different types of custom foot orthotics. Orthopedists, podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthotists, pedorthists and athletic trainers all have different theories on foot orthotic design and function. These professionals believe their individual methods are the best. Because PTI fabricates foot orthotics for patients from all of these healthcare professionals, we are in a unique position to be your one-source, orthotic solution.

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PTI Orthotics is unique because we respect the opinions of these professionals, but we do not believe that one method or type of orthotic works for everyone. For example, Honda makes a great car and many people would argue that Honda makes the most reliable car on the road. Does this mean that everyone should buy a Honda? Should a person that tows a boat or plows snow for a living consider buying a Honda Civic? Clearly, there are better choices. The same goes for orthotics.


PTI Orthotics does not believe that a “one type fits all” or “cookie cutter” approach to foot orthotic therapy is appropriate. We do not use one type of orthotic, orthotic system or casting method exclusively because that would limit our options. The one size fits all approach is very common when working with many computerized systems, which are only able to use one or two types of bases or shell materials. Just putting on a softer cover on an orthotic does not make it a different orthotic! At PTI, we work with many different fields of orthotic fabrication, enabling us to pick and choose the best from a variety of methods. Should a 20-year-old marathoner and an 80-year-old with arthritis receive the same basic type of orthotic? We think not.


So what is the answer to the question: “What type of orthotic is best?” Our answer is that it depends on the individual…

It also depends on the physician’s diagnosis. It depends on the pathology and or disease being treated. It depends on the patient’s age, weight, and activity level. It depends on the particular sport or activity and type of footwear being used. This list could go on and on. Our answer still stands. It truly depends. When working with PTI Orthotics, you can feel confident knowing that you will receive a thorough and complete evaluation and consultation. We can then discuss the appropriate orthotic options and apply the latest technologies according to your unique situation and diagnosis. It is only through this approach that you will find the best orthotic for YOU.

PTI now offers Gel Filled Orthotics

The gel filled orthotics from PTI are for patients of all ages and abilities that need a soft tissue supplement or extra cushioning on the bottoms of their feet.  Our gel filled orthotics utilize the same proven biomechanical methods and materials that PTI is known for.  How does this orthotic differ from orthotics you would receive from other orthotic labs?

The industry standard cushioning materials are polyethylene and urethane foams. While these materials are good, they have a cellular structure like a sponge or foam mattress. After time these cell walls collapse and the cushioning affect is diminished and, in some cases, lost entirely in a matter of months.

Unlike foam cushions used by other orthotic labs, our two-part polymer gel starts out as a liquid and is formulated to be as soft as needed. After the liquid has cured it sets up as a non-cellular gel, which means it will not bottom out in load bearing areas. This material can provide years of cushioning!

This orthotic model is ideal for runners that are fore foot strikers, plantar fat pad atrophy, active athletes, seniors, arthritic patients, everyday wear or anyone that needs biomechanical control with a soft tissue supplement on the bottoms of their feet!

The gel filled orthotics were developed by and available only through PTI Orthotics & Foot Resource Lab, LLC