Professional Cyclist Colby Pearce

Certified Steve Hogg Bike Fitter

Professional and recreational cyclists will benefit from a proper bike fit by a Certified Steve Hogg Bike Fitter. Being an active professional cyclist himself, Colby Pearce understands the intricacies of the human to bike interface.

Colby has been racing since the age of 15 and has competed in track, road, mountain bike and cyclocross races at the professional level. In 1995 he set the US Hour record, riding 50.191KM in 60 minutes on the track in Colorado Springs, CO. Colby was a member of the 2004 Athens Olympic team, placing 14th in the 40KM points race. He continues to compete to this day, recently earning two silver and one bronze medals at the 2017 Masters World Track Championships in Los Angeles.

Colby Pearce is a Steve Hogg Certified Bike Fitter with an office in Boulder, CO. His method is to make a comprehensive assessment of the physiological state of the client and balance this with the demands of the event the client is training for. The client receives detailed information about their bicycle measurements which can be referenced for future purposes, as well as detailed recommendations on methods to improve their function and performance on the bike. For information on the specifics of fit pricing and to schedule an appointment, please use these links:

  • 2004 Olympian, 40km points race
  • 2003 Pan Am Games bronze medalist
  • 2007 Continental Champion, Madison
  • 14-time national track champion
  • US National Elite Hour Record: 50.191km Colorado Springs, CO, 1995
  • US hour 40-44 record holder: 49.806km Colorado Springs, CO 2013
  • US hour 40-44 absolute record holder (Merckx style): 46.452 Colorado Springs CO 2013
  • 8 time US Worlds team member
  • 11 time track world cup medalist
  • US National Track Team coach, Nov 2005-May 2007
  • Over 140 race wins on track, road, MTB and CX
  • Racing for 25 years
  • Raced on 5 continents
  • Attended Colorado University in Boulder, CO