Mortons Toe Condition

A Morton’s Toe or Morton’s Syndrome is a shortened first metatarsal shaft which causes excessive weight to be borne by the second metatarsal shaft. This condition is usually hereditary. The shortened first metatarsal is usually hyper mobile at its base where it articulates with the second metatarsal and medial cuneiform, the sesamoid bones are displaced posteriorly, and the second metatarsal shaft if thickened from excessive ground reaction forces.

The hyper mobility of the 1st shaft metatarsal in conjunction with a short first metatarsal shaft contributes to excessive pronation at push off for the propulsive phase of the gait cycle. Pain and tenderness is usually found at the base of the first two metatarsals and the head of the second. A custom molded biomechanical orthotic to balance the foot’s biomechanics with a Morton’s Extension to ‘bring the ground up to the foot’, usually provides relief.