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Achilles Tendonitis Condition

Achilles Tendonitis a painful inflammation of the Achilles tendon due to
inadequate strength of the gastroc-soleous complex (calf muscle group),
overuse of this complex, or degeneration of the tendon. It is often seen
in patients that have had a sedentary life style that decide to start
exercising and over do it. Your physician can diagnose Achilles
Tendonitis by tenderness of the tendon, either at the insertion to the
calcaneous (heel bone) or anywhere along its course.

The first step in treatment is with heel lifts to reduce the tension and
stretch on the Achilles tendon. Strengthening and a slow stretching
program of the calf muscle group are also needed. If these first steps
do not decrease pain, a custom molded biomechanical orthotic is
fabricated to balance the mechanics of the foot. Excessive pronation
can lead to excessive tension on the Achilles tendon which only
aggravates the problem. In severe cases, some patients may need
cast immobilization.
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