Anterior Tibial Tendonitis treatment PTI Orthotic Labs Boulder

Anterior Tibial Tendonitis Condition

This is a painful inflammation of the anterior tibial tendon. Tenderness
is found over the tendon, especially at the insertion to the medial
cuneiform bone. Patients that have had a sedentary life style that
decide to go for a run can overwork this muscle. This can become
very tender and is often confused with shin splints.

The anterior tibial tendon helps dorsiflex the foot so it can clear the
floor during the swing phase of gait, to decelerate the foot to the
ground at heel strike and helps to hold up the medial longitudinal
arch. This being said treatment should include supporting the
medial longitudinal arch. A custom molded biomechanical orthotic
to balance the mechanics of the foot usually provides comfort.

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