Hallux Rigidus treatment PTI Orthotic Lab Denver

Hallux Rigidus Condition

Hallux rigidus is a condition that causes pain at the first
metatarsophalangeal joint due to arthritis and bony spurring. Pain is
found on the dorsum of the 1st mtp joint, especially with extension.
The hallux (great toe) must extend approximately 65 degrees for
normal gait. Insufficient range of motion results in compensatory
pronation to allow the body to pass over the foot during the propulsive
phase of gait. These faulty foot biomechanics only place additional
stresses on this joint. A custom molded orthotic to balance the
biomechanics and a rocker sole being added to the bottom of the
shoe should provide relief. Carbon fiber foot plates are also used to
limit motion in this joint.
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