About PTI Orthotic Lab - The only full service foot orthotic lab in Boulder

Getting a foot orthotic isn't a difficult process. Getting the right foot orthotic takes time, experience, and a commitment to quality. P.T.I. is the only full service (fabricates all types of foot orthotics) foot orthotic lab in Boulder County. At P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory, Board Certified Pedorthist Aaron Anderson, C. Ped, BOCPD, has a thorough approach to specialized orthotic design. He takes time with his patients, educating them about their options, applying the latest technologies, and making all the necessary measurements.
Aaron, who is also the President of P.T.I, explains, "Most people don't consider their feet to be directly related to their overall health. If your feet are in constant pain or discomfort from exercising, or if a biomechanical malalignment in the foot is causing foot or leg pain they can keep you from being active which directly affects your overall health". Orthotic therapy, undertaken at the onset of a certain conditions, can reduce pain and may deter a later need for hospitalization or surgery.

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P.T.I. Orthotic Laboratory provides more than 30 models of custom-made orthotics, as well as specialized shoes and orthotic sandals. Using the latest technologies, we offer a comprehensive selection of orthotics using a myriad of materials. P.T.I. fabricates all types of foot orthotics but specializes in flexible, foot friendly orthotics that refute the myth that biomechanical orthotics have to be made from a hard rigid plastic. We also troubleshoot and adjust existing orthotics. We know how different types of orthotics and shoes are made, and we know what makes them work together properly. Aaron emphasizes, "P.T.I. is an in-house fabrication facility, (all orthotics are made on site in our lab), the work is not sent out to be finished elsewhere which means less hassle for fittings and adjustments". And he works with you through the entire process; from the initial evaluation to the final fitting of custom orthotics or specialized shoes. P.T.I. also serves as a central fabrication facility for dozens of rehabilitation centers and physical therapy clinics along Colorado's Front Range and across the United States.

The commitment to our patients is evident in our focus on quality. Prior to being fitted for an orthotic, each patient receives a one hour consultation and examination. This exam includes a full patient history, a biomechanical evaluation (involving over 30 angular and range of motion measurements, a video - treadmill gait analysis, and an assessment of the patients current footwear. We scan the feet with a 3D Non Contact Scanner which is the most accurate system available. We also cast the feet in a subtalar neutral position. Unlike a weight bearing casting system, where patients stand on molding pillows, press their feet into foam boxes, or stand or walk on computerized mats or pin boxes. Neutral position casting or 3D scanning requires that patients lay flat and remove all weight from their feet. Not only does this method prevent malalignment which is present with weight bearing methods, it yields a truly neutral position of the foot and it is from that neutral position scan, that the most effective orthotic is made.

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