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Are custom orthotics worth their cost?

Many people forgo getting custom orthotics to relieve their foot, hip, and knee pain to save money. But, while custom orthotics aren’t cheap, they are highly valuable. For instance, wearing orthotics daily can help you correct your gait and relieve different types of foot pain you have. Additionally, with custom orthotics, you get a product…
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Custom Orthotics to treat foot pain

Custom orthotics for relief from diabetes-induced foot pain

While foot pain is widespread in adults across America – almost 80 percent have experienced it – diabetes is a compounding factor that often produces unfamiliar levels of discomfort to those newly diagnosed with the condition. Diabetes can cause pain in every part of the body, but the feet are particularly vulnerable. Diabetic-related foot pain…
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3-D scan of feet to create custom orthotics

Custom orthotics for heavier people

Being heavy or overweight places extreme force on your feet, causing pain in your heels, knees, ankles, and arches. Unfortunately, this can make walking and exercising difficult and also result in long-term foot damage. Luckily, custom orthotics are very effective in treating these problems by eliminating the foot pain caused by excessive weight. It’s vital…
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