PTI Orthotics offers over 30 different types of orthotics

Who are you consulting over your problem?

If you have one of the many conditions that can cause foot pain, discomfort, or other problems in your legs and feet, then there are many different specialist professional options open to you.

It’s possible you may be consulting a podiatrist or a chiropractor, a podiatrist or an orthopedist, an orthotics, or a physical therapist or athletic trainer. Each will have their own solution covering the specific orthotic design or function best suited to meet your needs.

This is why our team here at PTI Orthotics & Foot Resource Lab knows that a one-type-fits-all service is not what you require. We provide our clients with thirty different types of foot orthotic options. So, this is why so many Coloradans come to us to discuss their own specific custom orthotic needs.

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