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4 ways you can get help to pay for your custom orthotics

Custom orthotics can be costly. Although expensive, your orthotics are something you don’t want to go cheap on, as failure to support your feet can lead to serious injuries and longer-term damage to your joints—not to mention more expensive medical expenses further down the line. If you’re having trouble paying for your custom orthotics, here…
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Orthotics to help with osteoarthritis

The complexity of our feet

Our feet are quite complexly designed. Each of them has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and 57 ligaments,33 joints, 26 bones, and 19 muscles. Considering what they do for our locomotive ability, all these parts must function as a top-level orchestra. Foot pain isn’t a normal situation. If you have foot pain, it’s because…
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Orthotics for Arthritis

How does an orthotic help with arthritis of the knee?

To be frank, with knee arthritis, an orthotic can help, but it is only a temporary measure. The condition itself typically requires surgery, as well as treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, and often the use of walking aids. Of course, some people prefer not to undergo a surgical procedure. What needs to be achieved here is…
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Orthotics custom-fabricated for your individual foot

How does orthotics actually help?

Often, this subject can be discussed in quite a technical way. Yet, at its simplest, custom crafted foot orthotics aim to keep your feet in the best possible position. This means that abnormal or excess motion can be lessened, specific areas of pressure on the base of your foot can be reduced, and at-risk areas…
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