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I can’t seem to find the right pair of orthotics

Have you tried consulting with a custom orthotics expert? Most people often experience challenges with their custom orthotics because they purchase them off the internet. Unfortunately, orthotics isn’t a pair of shoes that you can buy online once you know your size. You need to visit a custom orthotic expert who can analyze and examine…
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Custom orthotics will help you get back to what you enjoy

Can orthotics alleviate plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common and highly painful condition that can develop in the heel and sole area of the foot. The plantar fascia is a large ligament that can be affected by microtears caused by excessive exercise or simple wear and tear. It can come on over time. For those afflicted, walking can be…
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Custom orthotics PTI Orthotics & Foot Resource Lab

Do I need to replace my orthotics?

This is a common question we get from first-time orthotic users. Generally, most custom orthotics last between one and five years, depending on their material and quality. Therefore, you need to replace your custom orthotics once their lifespan is up. Here’s how to tell it’s time to replace your custom orthotics. You experience pain when…
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Trouble walking in winter?

Foot pain, or unsteadiness, can make walking freely and confidently a problem at any time of year. However, when frosty, icy, slippy, mornings arrive; followed soon after by winter snows, the problem can become more acute. The pain and discomfort you already feel can be heightened in your senses by a nervous distrust of the…
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