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Custom orthotics for bursitis

Bursitis is a painful and uncomfortable foot condition where one has fluid-filled sacs either on the heels of their feet, on their toes, or both. Bursitis can be caused by several things, including growing older, repetitive movements or a traumatic injury. If you have been diagnosed with bursitis by a podiatrist, you know that wearing…
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Spinal and posture improvements

You knew orthotics helped relieve foot pain and walking issues. Did you know they can help your spine and posture, too? Improved posture Orthotics can help align your spine into a healthier and more natural position. When you have challenges with your arches and feet, oftentimes the back curves or slumps as you try to…
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foot osteoarthritis

Ancient and Modern Custom Orthotics

Did you know the crafting of orthotics can be traced to ancient times? Survival and adaptation were paramount thousands of years ago, and early man used the textiles, wood, and leather at their disposal to craft orthotics items for tribe members who were injured (usually in battle) or born with physical differences. Evidence has been…
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Are Orthotics Worth It?

Experiencing pain in your feet throughout the day can greatly impact your everyday life—from work to family and your social life. And if you’re considering orthotics to help alleviate the pain, you’re probably wondering if they are worth it. Well-made orthotics can relieve pain and make walking and running easier on your entire body while…
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