Athletic custom orthotics

5 benefits of custom orthotics for runners

Runners can benefit greatly from custom orthotics. Some pursue the option after experiencing foot pain or a compromised plantar fascia, but others have no issues and simply enjoy the feel and support offered by the inserts. Among the advantages for runners, custom orthotics can: Improve over-pronation and gait challenges This helps reduce the chance of…
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3-D scan of feet to create custom orthotics

Common foot problems that construction workers have

Working in construction can be dangerous and physically challenging, but especially on your feet. You must be sure you are wearing shoes that have steel toes and puncture and slip-resistant soles. Here are some common foot problems that construction workers deal with: Pain This is the number one problem amongst construction workers, and it is…
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PTI Orthotics offers over 30 different types of orthotics

How long will it take to adjust to your new orthotics?

Many patients are often concerned about how long it might take to break in their orthotics. This is because new orthotics can feel unusual at first. While every patient’s situation varies, particularly depending on how often you wear your custom orthotics, it can usually take up to two weeks to get used to them. However,…
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