Custom Orthotics to treat foot pain

Why you should consult an orthotic expert

An orthotic expert is skilled at professionally fit shoes, custom orthotics, and shoe modifications. They can recommend shoes and custom orthotics to correct your gait and relieve persistent aches or pain in your knees, hip, and feet. Here are some of the reasons you need to consult with an orthotics expert before purchasing any insoles.…
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Orthotics custom-fabricated for your individual foot

Is your chronic foot pain making you depressed?

We all know how foot pain can be a – well, pain in the foot – but what role does foot pain play in depression when it becomes chronic? Research has shown that having to continually deal with sudden, sharp, or severe pain as a part of daily life can play a major burden on…
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Orthotics for Arthritis

Finding the right orthotic for hip pain

Orthotics are more than just foot inserts that you can purchase at any local drugstore. They’re prescription medical devices that correct how you run, walk, or stand, and help relieve hip pain. To get the best fit, it’s wise to visit a podiatrist for an examination. This exam includes a biochemical evaluation that involves over…
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PTI Orthotics and Foot Resource Lab, Denver CO

Why we prefer gel over foam for orthotics

We’ve been asked about this because many people are offered standard foam orthotics by other practitioners. These are made of good materials, but the cellular wall structure does tend to collapse over time, diminishing the level of support. Here at PTI, we prefer to use a two-part polymer. Initially a liquid, formulated as soft as…
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