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Custom foot orthotics

PTI Orthotics in Boulder knows how painful foot problems can be. The question becomes: How is foot pain treated? There are insoles and orthotics, and then there are custom orthotics. What are those, and do they help alleviate pain? Our team emphatically believes that they do. In fact, custom-made orthotics are far superior to anything…
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Custom Orthotics to treat foot pain

Orthotics for your work

Foot health is an often overlooked aspect of worker safety, especially in construction sites. While there are a number of hazards that can present themselves in development locations, foot pain, bunions, sprains and even plantar fasciitis can be caused by the constant, unrelenting pace of standing and walking across the work area. Investing in custom…
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Custom orthotics can help you get back on your feet

Orthotics are not just for athletes

Some people think orthotics are mainly for serious athletes. While they certainly do offer benefits for many sports enthusiasts, from tennis players to long-distance runners, they have also helped numerous others who do not partake in regular sports. Orthotics help address and alleviate many common foot and motion issues. Even when the wearer isn’t out…
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