Orthotics for Arthritis

Hip pain and orthotics

Certain foot problems such as pronation and flat feet can affect how your feet function and result in hip pain. Luckily, with custom orthotics, you can relieve hip pain issues and correct how you walk, stand, and run. Custom orthotics work by helping your feet maintain a neutral position, thus, making your hip and lower…
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Orthotics for the athlete

Tying your shoes with orthotics

Do you know how to tie your shoes with orthotics? Properly lacing your shoes can enhance the fit of your custom orthotics and reduce strain. There are a couple of techniques that you should apply if your laces keep coming undone and if you have a wide forefoot or a narrow ankle. If you have…
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Custom orthotics PTI Orthotics & Foot Resource Lab

Your custom fitting orthotics

Examine your health history First, the professional will ask you for your history of foot pain. Based on your answer, they will be able to determine the source of your problem. Examine your range of motion Then, the professional will evaluate your range of motion. They won’t just look at your feet but will also…
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