Orthotics for the athlete

Tying your shoes with orthotics


Do you know how to tie your shoes with orthotics? Properly lacing your shoes can enhance the fit of your custom orthotics and reduce strain. There are a couple of techniques that you should apply if your laces keep coming undone and if you have a wide forefoot or a narrow ankle.

If you have a narrow ankle, make a loop on each side by pulling the lace through the last eyelet of the shoe and criss-cross the loops. Tie these loops normally. Lacing your shoes this way leaves your forefoot wide by synching the heel. If your laces keep coming undone, you should make one more loop after doing the regular knot, so you have two knots, and tie the shoelace normally.

With wider feet, you can boost available space in your shoe by lacing only the eyelets closest to the ankle, rather than the toes, enabling you to provide support at the top without restricting the rest of the foot.

If you have issues with lacing your shoes to accommodate your custom orthotics, contact PTI Orthotics in Longmont and Boulder for assistance.

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