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Ancient and Modern Custom Orthotics


Did you know the crafting of orthotics can be traced to ancient times? Survival and adaptation were paramount thousands of years ago, and early man used the textiles, wood, and leather at their disposal to craft orthotics items for tribe members who were injured (usually in battle) or born with physical differences. Evidence has been found from as far back as 2500 BC that craftsmen created prosthetics and orthotics-type tools.

While orthotics advancements continued at a slow pace up until the 19th century, the World Wars and the polio epidemic sped up the concern and research for custom orthotics. The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists was founded in 1970 to promote further scientific studies. This encouraged the demand for improved technology and innovators, as well as materials and tools. The current orthotics products utilize advanced fiberglass, rubber, and high-temp thermoplastics to help orthotics users feel their best.

The always increasing demand for better orthotics has brought about the excellent products we see today at PTI Orthotics. Talk to the custom orthotics experts in Boulder and Longmont and find your modern orthotics solutions today.

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