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Common foot problems that construction workers have


Working in construction can be dangerous and physically challenging, but especially on your feet. You must be sure you are wearing shoes that have steel toes and puncture and slip-resistant soles.

Here are some common foot problems that construction workers deal with:

  • Pain

This is the number one problem amongst construction workers, and it is usually in the arch, ball, or heel of the foot. The most common cause of foot pain is not wearing the right kind of shoes.

  • Bunions

If you are wearing shoes that are narrow or fit too tight, you might develop bunions. They can cause pain and discomfort.

  • Injuries

Foot injuries are common among construction workers. Again, this is caused by not wearing appropriate footwear.

If you have suffered from any of the above in the past or would like to prevent them from occurring, you can start with the proper footwear. In addition to making sure that your shoes have steel toes and fit properly, being fitted for custom orthotics can help as well. Contact the professional at PTI Orthotics in Boulder or Longmont for assistance.

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