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Custom foot orthotics


PTI Orthotics in Boulder knows how painful foot problems can be. The question becomes: How is foot pain treated? There are insoles and orthotics, and then there are custom orthotics. What are those, and do they help alleviate pain?

Our team emphatically believes that they do. In fact, custom-made orthotics are far superior to anything you can buy in a drugstore. And they just might be the answer to your foot pain problems.

Custom Made Orthotics

Unlike a store-bought insole or orthotic, a custom orthotic is made just for you and your feet. The doctor takes a cast or digital image of each foot, and they create the ideal set of orthotics from those images.

This level of detail means custom orthotics do far more than provide extra arch support. They support and align both your feet and lower extremities.

Certain motions are therefore redirected or reduced while you walk, helping to alleviate chronic foot pain. In this way, they also prevent long-term damage to your feet and legs.

If you are suffering from foot pain, why wait another painful moment to contact us today for an appointment. We offer over 30 different kinds of orthotics, and we’ll make sure you get the one that is right for you.

Call PTI Orthotic today to discuss your custom foot orthotic needs.

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