Orthotics to help with osteoarthritis

Orthotics 101: Optimal foot movement


When a person walks in an optimal fashion, their weight is distributed to their feet evenly. With sub-optimal movement, a person’s weight is distributed unevenly and places too much pressure on only certain parts of their feet. Let’s take a look at this more closely:

Interior (Overpronation): People walk with their weight distributed more to the inside of the feet, which causes their arches to flatten over time. Overpronation can also cause a person pain from their arches all the way up to their back. Shoe wear and tear primarily occurs on the inside of soles.

Exterior (Underpronation): People walk with their weight distributed more to the outside of their feet. They can experience pain along the outer edges, balls and heels and often deal with bunionettes. Shoe wear primarily occurs on the outside of soles.

At PTI Orthotics, we encourage residents of Boulder, Longmont and the surrounding areas who experience overpronation or underpronation to consider foot supports. Custom orthotics balance the feet so that your weight is always distributed in a balanced way. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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