Custom orthotics can help you get back on your feet

Orthotics are not just for athletes

Some people think orthotics are mainly for serious athletes. While they certainly do offer benefits for many sports enthusiasts, from tennis players to long-distance runners, they have also helped numerous others who do not partake in regular sports. Orthotics help address and alleviate many common foot and motion issues. Even when the wearer isn’t out pounding the pavement on a run or chasing a ball down a court, their everyday movements of walking or getting up and down at work can be painful. Issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and flat arches bring severe discomfort for many. Custom orthotics are a helpful solution.

Trust the experts at PTI Orthotics to assist and offer suggestions on just the right custom model for a nagging mobility problem. Even hammertoes, lower back pain, chronic heel pain, or frequent sprains can be helped with the right orthotics. From elite athletes to casual sports players, to weekend warriors, to mellow non-athletes — anyone can have a foot, joint, or mobility challenge. Orthotics can bring relief to everyone.

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