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Orthotics for runners

Some people think orthotics are mainly for serious athletes. While they certainly do offer benefits for many sports enthusiasts, from tennis players to long-distance runners, they have also helped numerous others who do not partake in regular sports. Orthotics help address and alleviate many common foot and motion issues. Even when the wearer isn’t out pounding the pavement on a run or chasing a ball down a court, their everyday movements of walking or getting up and down at work can be painful. Issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and flat arches bring severe discomfort for many. Custom orthotics are a helpful solution.

The best way to tell is by looking at the soles of your shoes. Notice if one side of the sole is more worn down than the other. If so, this is a sign that your foot is rolling inward or outward.

If you leave overpronation or over supination, you may be at risk for serious joint damage and discomfort down the line.

Sometimes, this happens because one leg is a bit longer or shorter than the other.

There are other, more obvious, ways to tell if orthotics are the right choice for you.

Are you dealing with throbbing or even stabbing pain in your heels and feet? If so, you could be at risk for developing Plantar Fasciitis. Additionally, you may have already damaged your feet by wearing shoes that didn’t really fit you.

You should also consider orthotics if you’ve recently suffered from an injury, especially within the legs. When you’re injured, it’s incredibly easy to misalign your walk.

This can make the injury worse, lengthen your healing time, or even lead to the development of other serious issues down the line.

To learn more about the current shape of your feet, you can also try what’s called the “wet test.” Dampen your feet and create footprints on a piece of newspaper. If you have a small c-curve in your arch, you likely have over supination.

If your foot doesn’t have any sort of a curve at all? You may have overpronation in the foot.

Running is an excellent form of exercise, but it can also be stressful on the feet. Below are three common afflictions that runners face:

  • Tendonitis — Inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon causes pain in the foot’s inner arch, and even swelling through the ankle.
  • Plantar Fasciitis — Inflamed tissue on the bottom of the foot triggers tenderness in the heel and often affects those with high or low arches.
  • Stress Fracture — A tiny fracture in the metatarsal bones can occur with frequent running.

Proper footwear — including custom orthotics — will help you avoid injury and reach your fitness goals!

Trust the experts at PTI Orthotics to assist and offer suggestions on just the right custom model for a nagging mobility problem. Even hammertoes, lower back pain, chronic heel pain, or frequent sprains can be helped with the right orthotics. From elite athletes to casual sports players, to weekend warriors, to mellow non-athletes — anyone can have a foot, joint, or mobility challenge. Orthotics can bring relief.

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