custom orthotics

Spinal and posture improvements


You knew orthotics helped relieve foot pain and walking issues. Did you know they can help your spine and posture, too?

Improved posture

Orthotics can help align your spine into a healthier and more natural position. When you have challenges with your arches and feet, oftentimes the back curves or slumps as you try to readjust yourself or react in discomfort. You may not even realize you are doing this because your attention is drawn to the main problem. It is an unwelcome ripple effect. However, when proper orthotics are placed in your shoes and the relief and comfort set in, your back naturally relaxes. Your spinal column sits straighter and your posture improves. You may hear compliments about looking taller, well-rested, or more confident!

Eliminate health concerns

Proper spine alignment offers wonderful benefits to many aspects of your overall health. Orthotics users who had prior back issues often praise great improvements to many other health concerns, as well. Along with back pain, they may have experienced neck pain, headaches, and even internal discomforts where organs were cramped and muscles strained. The constant, daily stress takes its toll on energy and mental wellbeing. Custom orthotics to the rescue.

Experience the benefits

When you find the right custom orthotics for your feet at PTI Orthotics in Boulder or Longmont, perhaps you will be delighted, too, by the other “good ripple effect” advantages they offer to improve your life.

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