Custom molded feet casts

When you first use custom orthotics


Occasionally, patients think (or hope) that using a new custom orthotic will instantly leave them feeling pain-free. It’s important to appreciate that a ‘break in’ period for your orthotics occurs as all the muscle groups above your foot will be asked to suddenly function in a different way than they are used to – and this can lead to introductory soreness. As with many custom-made products, some initial adjustments might also need to be made.

As a comparison, imagine you were suddenly taking up a new hobby such as horse-riding. Over the first few lessons, you’d expect a little saddle-soreness until your body was used to the new actions it was being asked to take!

Our PTI teamwork with each individual to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes as the body adjusts to – if we can use this phrase at the moment – a new normal!

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